Loving and Living in 5D

Love manifests to us in many different ways. Love can make our hearts explode with desire for another, love can make us weep tears for people we don’t even know, love makes us protect our children even above our own safety, love allows us to forgive our siblings over and over, there are countless forms that love takes. Having said that, when we talk of love in the 5th dimensional plane there is no relationship definitions, only love. 5D love encompasses all the relationship types of love and simplifies them into one core divine love energy, extending way beyond the walls of the 3rd dimension.

Once your consciousness reaches the 5th dimension you will automatically feel love for all souls. You can see yourself in everyone you meet, every animal, every being, the connectedness between all living things. You become protective of all beings and would never hurt anyone or anything. There is a real and true regard for others. You have now become centered in you heart chakra. You have become love.


Read more: http://www.spiritualunite.com/article/317/loving-and-living-in-5d/

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